Are the Bathroom Sinks a Standard Size?

Are the Bathroom Sinks a Standard Size?

Are the Bathroom Sinks a Standard Size?

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Bathroom sinks might not sound interesting but have an important role. It enhances the beauty of your bathroom. The right bathroom sink can serve the purpose well. You need to do a bit of research before selecting a bathroom sink.

Common Sizes of Bathroom Sinks

Space is the first factor that every homeowner should see before choosing a bathroom sink. There are 2 major types of bathroom sinks. They are round designs and rectangular or square designs. Round bathroom sinks are smaller than rectangular bathroom sinks.

Sizes of bathroom sinks

The standard sizes of 2 bathroom sinks are:

  1. Oval Designed Sinks- The standard size of round bathroom sinks is between 16 and 20 inches in diameter. Generally, they have a depth between 5 and 8 inches.
  2. Rectangular or Square Sinks - Square or rectangular bathroom sinks have a width between 19 and 24 inches. They are 16 to 23 inches long with an average depth of 5 to 8 inches.

How are bathroom sinks measured?

There are different ways to measure a bathroom sink. They are:

  •       Oval or Round Sinks

In the case of round bathroom sinks, the circumference of the sink is an important factor. Circumference will show the length of the bathroom sink during measurement.

  •       Square or Rectangular Sinks

While measuring the rectangular or square bathroom sinks, you have to consider length and width. It is advisable to keep the gap of 2 inches while installing a bathroom sink as you can then adjust the sink properly.

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What are the Important Factors in Choosing the Sink for Your Bathrooms?

Some of the factors play an important role in selecting the bathroom sinks like:

  •       Bathroom space
  •       Style of the sink
  •       Type of material
  •       Installation process
  •       Measurement of counter top


You can have either a standalone sink in your bathroom or drop-in. If you choose a standalone sink, you can choose the large size. On the other hand, drop-in sinks need a smaller size.

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