What Is The Most Popular Type Of Kitchen Sink In Australia

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Kitchen Sink In Australia

Suitable Kitchen Sink for the Small and Large Kitchen

The design of the kitchen needs a detailed study especially when you have to choose the kitchen sink or kitchen sink accessories. The kitchen sink is an important part of the kitchen décor. It is the thing of daily use and so; one has to be careful while purchasing it.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

There are several types of kitchen sinks for large and small sinks. The most popular ones are:

  1. Drop-in Sinks

This sink contains rims that you can extend on the countertop. You can get drop-in sinks in different materials such as iron, stainless steel, and porcelain. It is easy to install the drop-in sink in your kitchen. Besides, it does not rust due to water or long use.

  1. Single Bowl

A single or double bowl kitchen sink is the most commonly found in every kitchen. It is very easy to install and maintain a single or double bowl in the kitchen. Apart from that, the washing of pans, pots, and large vessels becomes easier for anyone. Moreover, it is useful for washing vegetables and fruits along with washing vessels.

  1. Integrated Sinks

The next type of sink is an integrated sink. It is integrated with the countertop and gives a contemporary look to your kitchen. Integrated sinks are available in various materials such as quartz, stone, or granite. They are widely used in hotels and restaurants.

  1. Under-Mount Sinks

This is similar to a single or double bowl. There is no gap between the sink and the countertop. You can wash big sized bowls, pots, and pans in this sink. It is also easy to wash this sink daily and use it for washing rice, fruits, and veggies. Undermount kitchen sinks are available in granite, marble, or composite materials.

  1. Prep Sinks

Prep sinks are famous in the islands. It is separated into 2 sections and used for cooking as well as drying fruits and veggies. It is available in various sizes and shapes and fits any type of kitchen.


The single and double bowls are the most popular sinks in the kitchen. They have simple installations and are available in different materials. You can get kitchen sink sales melbourne for your large or small kitchen.